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Welcome to Qualitics!

Qualitics, Inc. is a research and development company. We specialize in the areas of hydro- and air-dynamics, heat-exchange solutions and quantified approach to quality problems. We are a small, but very enthusiastic group that is deeply involved with scientific research in areas of physical economics, natural, and environmental science. The Research & Development Department of Qualitics, Inc. is led by Yuriy K. Krasnov, Ph.D. (120 articles, 3 books, 12 Reviews, 9 Patents,  several more preliminary patents filed and a few are pending) who has retired as a Senior scientific employee, theorists of the Laboratory of Advanced Researches of the Khurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia.

Today, Qualitics, Inc. is a well established, respected small business that is staffed by a creative and enthusiastic team of researchers and led by the company’s experienced Officers.

Qualitics, Inc. has a long history of successful business relationships, and we are always looking to collaborate with partners and investors in the effective and reliable manufacturing of products. Our products are designed to fully meet our consumers’ needs and exceed their expectations; additionally, because of our commitment to high quality, our products offer significant return on our customers’ investment capital. To learn more about becoming an investor, please visit the Investors page.

Recently Completed Projects

  • "QualiCell" - first production product in our "Processor Cooling System for Personal Computers" (PC4PC) project.
  • "Wind Energetics" (Wind Electro Generators "Cyclops" and "Night Owl"). Tests of the first prototype and results are done.
  • "Frac-Truck" (Mobile water boiling system for Oil Development Industry). Fully developed project for oil-mining industry.
  • "Non-Inertial Ship" (A zero inertia navy vessel)
  • and a few others.

For complete list of our R&D work please visit our Projects page.

Qualitics, Inc. recently completed first series of tests on the prototype of the WEG - "Cyclops 3M"
Cyclops3M front view Report of the test results and specifications are available. more...

Project "QualiCell" is complete. On the picture below you can see QualiCell M1 sample #1 after it passed full set of tests and outperformed all of the offered to our attention competitors boxes.
QualiCell model 1
Complete set of documentation is available. Comparison tests were performed by independent 3rd party. Scientific tests performed by our partner Advanced R&D (NC, USA). Specifications of QualiCell line of products is available. more...